Mikhail Zhilkin

Mikhail Zhilkin




I’m a seasoned data scientist interested in rational thinking, human behaviour, AI and all things automation.

I also dabble in data visualisation. Some things cobbled together in spare time:

Shiny app that lets you explore how sumo wrestlers of varying rank are matched up in “grand tournaments” (takes a few seconds to load).
Hat tip to Sumo Reference for all the data.

Distribution of winning techniques by weight and height of sumo wrestlers
My experiment with R notebooks — a convenient way to share analyses.

QI scores: results of all episodes of one of my favourite shows — QI?
Data taken from http://qiscoreboard.com/scores/ and “patched” by me.

Sloppy chart is an extended version of the standard line or bar chart, with each line segment or bar representing two values instead of just one.

Domination chart is an animated bar chart illustrating competition between two opponents across a set of “battlegrounds” (e.g. game levels).


My other projects:

ZX Games brings back popular games from the age of ZX Spectrum, so you can play Lode Runner and Boulder Dash on a Windows computer (shame about other platforms).

MovieLog is was an iPhone app that keeps the list of movies you’ve watched or are going to watch. Archived page helps us remember.

iSociotype is a web app which determines your (or anyone else’s) sociotype.
Sociotype (or “type of information metabolism”) is the key concept of socionics — a theory of information processing, personality type and intertype relations in terms of psychological compatibility.